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Work With Us We are hiring people that can make a difference, do you think you could be one of them?

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Get a career with room for your private life. We know that happy people make the best support workers. Also don’t worry if you do not have the right qualifications or skills providing you have the fantastic attitude we require we will provide the training for a Diploma in Health & Social Care 2,3 & 5.

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    Dont take our word for it! Listen to what our staff and clients have to say

    Our music sessions really make a difference to peoples lives; having the opportunity to express yourself through music is a wonderful activity to do.

    Steve POD Manager

    People aren’t aware of the variety there is with the job, you’re out and about doing things and helping people live a more fulfilled life. It’s the best job I have ever had!

    Scott, Project Manager

    To be a support worker we look for people with empathy, common sense, fun and will take risks, they must be caring but not carers.

    Steve, Deputy Manager

    We want to see progression for service users, how they’re developing, from the smallest outcomes such as picking up a toothbrush to the biggest outcomes such as going to Paris on holiday.

    Hugh, Development Manager

    Peoples perception of Support Work is very different to what I actually do for the people I am supporting. A day in work for me can be like a day off, which office job gives you this freedom I say to my friends…..  I know which I prefer.

    Ash, Support Worker.

    People living with a disability are entitled to live a great life irrespective of age, gender, religious beliefs, geographic location, or degree of disability.

    Our approach empowers the people within our care to contribute culturally, economically and to the well-being of the community they live. This approach is extended to everybody within Dyffryn Agency including staff, because without great staff we could not provide the great care.

    Sion Hayes, Managing Director.


    Entitled to be a part of the community!