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The Pod & Sensory Room The Place for Group Activity & Events

Our POD is a space made for creating fun and games. It’s a friendly environment for people to visit who live with all sorts of communication difficulties. It’s a place to enjoy activities designed to help you with your disability, it’s where you can let go and have fun.  In the Pod you can meet new friends and learn new skills, such as drumming, cooking, painting and air hockey.

The New Sensory Room Opens 

We are happy to reveal the new Sensory room as the latest addition to the services we provide.  Having a therapeutic space specifically designed for adults to enjoy is a step we wanted to take to help people develop at their own pace.

Some people with autism can experience social isolation, they may find it difficult to maintain contacts due to a lack of understanding of small talk and other conventions of social behaviour.  Some autistic people need a higher level of support for activities than what family, friends and or carers are able to provide.

We offer you the POD service to attend with or without your family. The POD is a safe, stimulating and happy environment where we practice leisure activities, create social events and organise workshops like baking scrumptious cakes to eat and share.

MP Chris Ruane Officially Opens The Pod.

Welcome to the pod

To see picture of the launch click here 

For private hire or to join in on group activities call 01745 345 055

Dates for the Diary! All sessions £5 per person

23/07 – Boat Picture/ Chair renovation
30/07 Botanical Gardens Lunch Out

Dont take our word for it! Listen to what our staff and clients have to say

We like to explore ways in which we can improve the well-being of the people we care for. Our latest addition to the company is the Sensory room, and it has been a great help to adults with communication problems express and enjoy themselves.



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