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Our Approach The Support We Give You

Our Support Agency helps you in your own home with day to day care, our style of support isn’t just caring for you but we pride ourselves on working with you. Our aim is to make your days distinctive, interesting and meaningful and we can do this together.

Active Support refers to the type of support we provide; support that turns person centred plans into person centred action. Our approach enables people with learning disabilities to engage more in their daily lives. It increases opportunities for engagement, and for spending time with other people in the community. Our style of support from ‘caring for’ to ‘working with’, promotes independence and supports people to take an active part in their own lives. Active Support enables people with learning disabilities to live ordinary lives.

What is an ordinary life?

The experience of living an ordinary life, being a valued member of society and feeling accepted within your home community are things most of us take for granted. Although most people with disabilities value these things they can sometimes be quite hard to achieve without good solid support.

Most of us spend our time taking part in a variety of everyday ordinary activities with or without help or support. Most people with learning disabilities like to do the same sorts of things, but many need additional support in order to have the same range of opportunities as anyone else to do ordinary activities in their own home and to fully access their community to build friendships and relationships.

Active Support enables people with learning disabilities to develop new skills, access a wider range of opportunities and engage in activities alongside other people, building important relationships and social networks that are part of an ordinary life. These are the life skills we give to enable lives.


How does support at home work?

Each person who needs support is different, we know one approach doesn’t suit all and the assistance we give is completely unique to the person. We build on the skills people already have and ensure everyone under our care has the opportunity to shine through doing activities. Dyffryn Agency has developed its coaching and mentoring skills to support the people we look. We do love an activity plan as this helps with important daily structure but we like to think we are flexible enough to be spontaneous too.

We like to prove what we say…

We record and evidence outcomes for the people we look after, we’re not talking just the boring stuff we’re talking the development of skills and experiences. Staff record levels of engagement and skill development to evidence we are serious about delivering what we say we will deliver.

If we can help people engage meaningfully, give support to enable an interesting life, create good social relationships and develop the skills to help people with disabilities get what they need; then we are delivering the service we want to deliver.

Dont take our word for it! Listen to what our staff and clients have to say

We appreciate there is a special kind of support you need from us and so we choose special kinds of people to help you. When you join us here at Dyffryn Agency you are joining an extended family of supporters who believe you can live the life you choose with a little help from us.

Beryl Hayes, Director.


Entitled to be a part of the community!